Saturday, August 20, 2016

2016/08/20 - Next bike?, A beautiful voice

If it wasn't for cycling, I think I'd go insane. My life otherwise is starting to get out of control.

Two Friday's ago the front derailed on my 29er broke into one two pieces. Luckily I was only a 1/4 mile from home.

This is my favorite bike and I immediately brought it to my cycle shop, fully expecting it to be repaired same-day. Unfortunately they didn't have the part and told me I had to wait until last Thursday for it to come in, but when it did it,wasn't the right one. To make a long story short, I still don't have the bike and I'm going crazy.

In the meantime I tried riding with my road bike. I really love this bike, but I'm not sure I like riding it. I know that sounds crazy, but it's recognizably a top-of-the-line bike, and I love just looking at it. But I no longer like riding on roads with cars and I like the feel of a heavier bike better. 

So I've been riding my old hard tail Specialized Rock Hopper, which I had converted into a delivery bike when I had that insane cookie business idea. 

After removing the basket and kickstand, I had a bike that I could ride on single-track. At first I was worried about the lack of rear suspension with my back-attack phobia, but after a couple of trial days, I was able to get to the top of North Table Mountain. 

Oddly though, I've really started to like the old 26er. It has a lower center of gravity and is much lighter than my 29er. 

There is noticeably less weight on the front wheel, making it easier for me to ride in a straight line when riding uphill at my snail's pace. It think that because there is less weight on the front wheel, the bike doesn't react as much to slight quick turns. 

Anyway I'm liking the feel and now I dream about a tricked-out 26er as my next bike. 

Today I found something that really pleased my poor mom suffering with dimentia. I sang to her. I sang the songs my dad used to sing when I was a boy. 

She kept saying "You have a beautiful voice", which just encouraged me. 

Later in the evening I said to Val "I am told I have a beautiful voice".


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016/08/17 - I had a dream

I had a dream that Donald Trump won the election, but on the day of his inauguration, Obama (the ultimate expert in constitutional law) refused to pass the baton to him, citing a obscure constitutional rule saying that the president can refuse to pass on the presidency to someone he deems to be a real danger to the country, and thus forcing a congressional vote, which Trump loses, ultimately causing a redo of the entire election.

And for the perfect ending of a good dream, Bernie Sanders won!!!

The thought of Obama greeting even with Trump for all the birther bullshit, brings this song to mind:

"Don't you love the sound, of the last laugh going down" - Mark Knopher


Friday, August 5, 2016

2016/08/05 - Gotta know when to fold em, Dimentia

This morning I read on CNN that people are staring to boycott Trump's businesses.

I love it. This could turn out better than my wildest dreams.

I think at this point Trump is starting to panic as he realizes his plan is backfiring on him and that he should have folded his cards long ago, but was intoxicated by all the success and attention he was getting in the primaries.

And now the idea of losing his empire and actually have to govern is haunting him. 

Nowadays the highlight of my day is just getting to the end of the day and going to sleep. 

My 86 year old mom has come down with dimentia and has left her husband in Arizona to come to live with us in Colorado. 

It's not easy, and takes up all of my time.