Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2018/10/03 - Your Mother!

I’ll never forget this story.

I grew up in South Ozone Park. You remember the movie Goodfellows?

I can’t remember why, but I had gotten into a street fight with this kid and kicked his ass. But the next day, as I was walking down my block, I see him walking towards me with his older brother.

Now I was 9, and his older brother was much bigger than me. He was probably 12,  and I was scared shitless.

So I turned around and started walking fast back towards my house.

And then came the “ranking out” from the big brother. “Faggot!” “Pussy boy!”  ‘Look at you running home to Mama!” And so and so on... 

And then he shouted “Your Mother!”  

Now this needs in special explanation. In 1959 , “Your Mother” was the ultimate rank-out. Your honor was at stake. 

Wow... As I write this, for the first time, I realize this was a defining moment in my life, every bit as powerful as my Mount Ranier moment.

At 9, I realized that my whole reputation was at state, and an ass-kicking was well-worth defending my mother’s honor. In fact it probably would have improved my status. 

So I turned around screaming and running towards them as fast as I could!

To my surprise, they turned around and ran the other way! So I chased them right to the front door of their house. 

After some forgotten dialig, their mother came out, opened the front door, and started yelling at me like I was a bully. 

I remember turning around , walking away, and grinning a hugh grin.

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