Friday, September 14, 2018

2018/09/14 - No Problem

When did “No Problem” become an acceptable reply to “Thank You”? I was always taught that “Your Welcome” was the proper reply. Or “My Pleasure” would be even better.

But replies like “No Problem”, or “Don’t Mention It” are more appropriate replies to “I’m Sorry”.

Makes me wonder if the “No Problem” people are unconsciously forgiving me.

And what about the reply “You Bet!”? I don’t even understand that one. 


Today I saw this short muscled man, sporting shorts and a muscle shirt, fully inked on every visible skin section. He was walking through the supermarket lovey-dovey, with his arm around a cute little chubby lady. They, and this behavior, was completely out of place in my West Arvada King Soopers.

At first I thought “That’s new love”, then I though “No, that’s more like just got out of prison love”.

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