Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016/02/13 – Bobby Fisher, Cookie business, Disney characters

Did you know that the popular song "One Night in  Bangkok" came from the musical "Chess", loosely based on Bobby Fischer?

Well… The cookie business was a total zero yesterday.

But rather than get discouraged (after all I am the eternal optimist), I’m trying to guess what exactly a zero means. So far the most common criticism of my business model has been that my market (Boyd Ponds) is two small to sell 21 packages per weekend.

This might be true, but… Let’s say I sold 3 packages to my community today and there were 9 other communities. Then it might be logical to say I could have sold 30 packages if I marketed to all 10 communities.

My answer to that is “zero times 10 equals zero”, in other words, I suspect the zero is for another reason.

Possibilities that I came up with were:
a) Maybe the 72 families in my community really aren’t that active. Upon closer examination, I see that most of the postings and replies are from the site’s “neighbors” outside Boyd Ponds.

b) There is not that much of a desire for cookies.

c) Trust. Who want’s to but cookies from the bicycle guy? I’m reminded that I never buy meat from the guy who sells door-to-door from his refrigerated truck.

I’m picking option a, with a side of option b & c. In other words, I betting that my advertisement really didn’t reach my market, but once it does through word of mouth, trust and desire will be won by the overall high quality of the product and packaging.

I think that once I build a reputation, people will see my cookies as a great option to bring to potluck parties, or for catering their own events.

My plan for today is to make cookies in the afternoon, regardless of orders, and give away free those that are not sold.

I think if you asked a man-on-the-street who is not following politics who Donald, Hillary, & Bernie are they would reply “Disney characters?”


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